When forever ends • {Chapter 1}

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As some of you are just too lazy to use your imagination, and someone is just imagining it all wrong and thus further complicate the interpretation of the fick, I, like the rest of the creators of the tests Beon-e will insert pictures of their own characters steal from the Internet =3=

Name: When forever ends •
Author: iAcya
Fandom: Shaman King
Genre: Romance, Humor, drama, action, POV, OS
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairing: Hao/Chiyo, and all the characters involved in the original
Status: in process
Disclaimer: characters and universe belong to Hiroyuki Takey
Accommodation: with the author's permission
Synopsis: being misunderstood by parents, peers is terrible. The main character can not find a common language with them, because she do not like it. She lives in a completely different world that doesn't even know. But one warm spring day, it will have a purpose. The goal that ordinary people are not subject to...

Chapter 1 - 823935 - Day of destiny
Chapter 2 - 825548 - Demons
Chapter 3 - 828355 - First practice
Chapter 4 - 966233 - Sleep
Chapter 5 - 966992 - Empress
Chapter 6 - 967556 - Their feelings
Chapter 7 - 969119 - guardian Spirit. Awakening
Chapter 8 - 975518 - the Battle begins. His proposal
Chapter 9 - 977104 - Under the bridge Tamagawa

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